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This reusable advent calendar made from fabric will delight year on year.  It comes with a FREE Act of Kindness pack for kids that includes 10 Acts of Kindness stamped on fabric and a printed file that has plenty more acts that you can use.  You can decide which acts you put in the pockets, alternatively you can fill the pockets with an item of your own choosing (I find chocolate works well!).


Each calendar is slightly different and made from deadstock fabric*. The pockets are all the same size but the calendar itself varies in width, some are slimmer (see photos), some are wider with more fabric visible around the edge. 


This calendar is ideal for those that are looking for a sustainability swap (out with the annual purchase of paper/plastic calendars that go to waste within a month), eco-conscious folks or people that want their children to experience giving and kindness as they count down to Christmas (that is what the season is all about after all right?). 


* Deadstock fabric is material that wasn't used in production and is not marked for any other line.  This fabric is mostly destined for landfill unless used in projects such as this.

Reusable Advent Calendar