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Set Your Intentions For Green Living

Have you set your resolutions this year? Goals perhaps? I have read so many articles recently that state we should be setting intentions instead of resolutions. So, what does that mean? Disengage autopilot, make conscious decisions and look for balance. OK, I can get onboard with that. With intention there is no hard and fast pass or fail, you do or you don’t, there’s a focus on the journey not just the end result. It's a series of actions that you want to bring into your life because you believe they will better it. If you could live with intention what would you focus on?

Be a green hero in 2022 and make a healthy home for your family and do better for the planet. One of the main actions is to cut down on consumption, buy what you need, no more no less. Here are three areas you can make simple changes to improve your green living and there is a download available that will help you log your intentions.


Use a list – buy only what you intend. This is a tough one for me and something that I am definitely focusing on this year, I mean you’re talking to someone who once went shopping for a pair of jeans and came back with a hamster. Halt impulse buys!

Get groceries delivered – one van delivering multiple peoples shopping as opposed to multiple people driving to the store (also not being in store helps cut down the impulse buys).

Buy in bulk – this doesn’t necessarily mean buy huge amounts of a product rather shop the bulk aisle so you can purchase just the amount you need. For instance I don’t bake that much so when I do it would be a waste for me to go and buy full sizes of all the ingredients. Instead I take the recipe ingredient list to the bulk aisle and buy only what I need for that recipe.

Minimize packaging – consciously opt for products that have no or minimal packaging. Shop in stores that are actively doing their best to cut back on packaging and plastics.

Buy local produce – eat items that are in season and purchase as much as you can from local producers.


Make your own cleaning solutions – super easy and you may already have everything you need in the cupboard. I’ll post some specific cleaning solution recipes on Instagram very soon, follow along!

Use refill services – if you don’t want to make your own cleaners select an environmentally friendly product that you can get refilled instead of buying new bottles every time.

Bar soap - so lovely and for the price of a coffee and cookie you can get an all-natural, locally hand-made, delightfully scented, skin softening bar of soap and they are generally package free.

Body lotions and scrubs – another one you can use refill services for or make your own. Scrubs are particularly easy to do and make lovely gifts.

Reusable dishcloths, cleaning cloths and wash cloths – make them yourself by crocheting with cotton yarn or sewing with terry fabric. You can purchase if you aren’t into making or don’t have the time and that is ok, just ensure whatever you use can be popped in the laundry and reused time and time again.


Ditch the car – walk, bike or use transit instead. If you can’t do that all the time set your intention for a certain number of journeys per week.

Unplug electronics – according to BC Hydro, standby power can account for 10% of an average household's annual electricity use. Save electricity and cash by unplugging when not in use.

Reduce meat intake – Cutting back on red meat, even a couple of times a week can help reduce your carbon footprint.

Repair – sock has a hole, zippers broken? Don’t throw them away get them repaired. Repairs aren’t just for clothing either, if you have anything that is broken the first option should be to see if it can be fixed. If not can it be repurposed or given away so someone else can use it for parts.

Share – if you do purchase too much of something give what you don’t need to a friend or neighbour. Form a local network where you can all share and exchange your excess rather than waste it.

There are so many other things that you can do to live a green life with intention and if you are interested follow @bamboobirdie on Instagram as throughout this month I’ll be popping up with further suggestions.

In the meantime set your intention. To help you checkout the Green Living download, it will help you on this journey and I’ll be there to cheer you on.

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