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Let Go of Sustainability Perfection

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The monumental task of tackling climate change is overwhelming but it should not be viewed with doom and gloom. Little kids are filled with optimism and joy for their future and they race to get there but undeniably live in the here and now. We should look at the future of the earth through a child’s lens, where everything is a possibility.

Our kids need to learn how to take on challenges with positivity about what can be done not what can’t. After all, our kids will too be fighting this battle, we won’t be able to solve it completely for them but let’s set them up for success and a can-do mindset.

How do we do that? Let go of perfection. Let go of the notion that the issue is so huge you question the value of you, one person taking small actions. Let go of the thought that because a solution doesn't 100% solve the problem it is set too it isn't worth pursuing. Let go of judgement.

I don’t believe there is a silver bullet, a cure all, rather a natural progression of innovation that will bring continual advancement to a healthier planet. Combating the climate crisis is a journey and we are all at different stages. The journey is a personal one and will remain so until legislation brings us all in line.

Until then are you ready for your journey? I believe you are and I am ready to join and support you.

You are welcome to download the 5 Easy Steps to Reducing Your Plastic Use as a place to start. You are encouraged to subscribe below for more sustainability tips and to learn how Bamboo Birdie is implementing strategies to ensure its products and practices are sustainable and grounded in the circular economy.

5 Easy Steps to Reducing Your Plastic Use
Download PDF • 298KB

As a new parent I was staggered at the amount of clothing we got through, there had to be a better way. Bamboo Birdie is my effort to provide an alternative to others with little ones in their lives that grow rapidly and sometimes render their clothing unsuitable to be passed on. I'll follow up in future blogs on ideas and suggestions I have around this.

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