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Meet The Team Making Your Clothes

Integrity and transparency is very important to us at Bamboo Birdie.  We may be based in North Vancouver, BC, Canada but work as an international team to bring you the quality clothing you are looking for.  Items made in Canada are produced by a seamstress based in Vancouver.  Items produced overseas are made in ZeddWorks Studio in New Dehli, India.



Made in BC,  Canada.


 Amandeep has 18 years experience in all aspects of the apparel production process.  She takes great care to ensure every garment is thoughtfully and expertly crafted.

ZeddWorks Studio

Made in New Delhi, India


Bamboo Birdie works consistently with the same team of seamstresses who will work on the collection from start to finish.

Colorful Sewing Thread

More about ZeddWorks and where they source from

Here I want to talk about:

The production team - who's who, roles and who does what.  

Video of production process and factory

Where does the fabric come from - text and images

Can I get a video of dying process, how is it sustainable?

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